Auditorium, the Episcopal Church of Saint Mary in Falmouth, Maine


Board Members: Rochelle Roelofs, Alison Rector, Gin Mackey, Lou-Anne Parker, Ian Collins (Absent: Nancy McAlley, Lynne Tobin)
Volunteers: Chuck Lakin, Cushman Anthony, Lou Harding

President Roelofs opened the meeting at 9 a.m. and welcomed everyone present.

Minutes of the 10-28-17 annual meeting at the Ben Franklin Conference Center in Farmington, Maine were accepted as written.

President Roelofs reviewed a list of FCAM accomplishments in 2018. This list will be included in the next newsletter.

Lou Harding, volunteer in charge of donations and mail, was introduced and thanked for her continuing service.

Treasurer Alison Rector reviewed major aspects of the Treasurer’s Report (now generated by MTA Accounting in Belfast, Maine). The value of the PAX Fund is currently at $94,384.40. Expenses were higher than had been projected because two board members were assisted with the costs of attendance at the FCA national conference. Income was $900; this should rise because an appeal letter will be sent to the membership in mid-November. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as written.

The proposed 2019 budget includes $2000 in projected expenses which would be used to make presentations at libraries and retirement communities etc. to fulfill our mission to educate the public. The budget was approved.

Vacancies on the board of directors were discussed next. Rosanne Graef of Portland said that she is interested in joining the board and helping FCA Maine fulfill its mission; she has a special interest in green cemeteries. Alison introduced Tony Antolini of Cushing. He is interested in becoming a board member and is currently a member of the Georges River Land Trust. He is especially interested in the intersection of land trusts and green cemeteries.

FCAM Board Meeting Minutes of November 10, 2018

Board member Lou-Anne Parker mentioned her sister-in-law Stephanie Parker would be a great asset to the board; she has been involved in home funerals and volunteered for FCA Maine at the Common Ground Fair, and has a real interest in our continuing work.

Rosanne Graef and Tony Antolini were approved for board membership and welcomed to the board. Since Stephanie Parker was not able to attend the annual meeting, she will be invited to the next board meeting so we can get acquainted.

The slate of officers for 2019 was introduced and approved. Officers remain the same as in 2018 with the exception of Lou-Anne Parker who we welcome as vice-president.

Alison made the suggestion of donating $5,000.00 to FCA National. A motion was presented to amend the budget to allow this donation. Motion was passed.

A discussion took place on other possible sources of income for FCA Maine such as grants; this would require finding a volunteer able to write a grant request.

Ernie Mariner’s name was brought up. His very generous bequest has enabled FCA Maine to stay very strong financially, and we are very grateful for his gift. This led to a discussion of the need to remember to thank volunteers for their service on a regular basis. All of us need to know our work as volunteers makes a difference.


The next board meeting will be in January or February of 2019. Date and location to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Gin Mackey, Recording Secretary