Whole Body Donation

University of New England Medical SchoolBiddeford

Any resident of Maine may donate their body to the medical school at the University of New England in Biddeford.  The University will pay for the transportation, embalming and cremation of the body.  It’s important to recognize that you must have a back-up plan in case the Medical School is unable to accept body donation at the time of death.

Tufts University, Boston

Tufts will accept body donations from Maine, either prearranged or you must call immediately after the death.

Body Donation Companies

There are companies that will pick up a body at no cost to you and use it or parts of it for research, testing, education, etc.  They generally cremate the body and return ashes to the family when finished.  See Final Rights for a list of non-adademic body donation programs in the United States.

You may wish to review the National Public Radio information on human body/tissue donation before making a final decision.  Be sure to view their four-part series as well:

There have been some reports of lack of accountability or misuse of the bodies in some instances.   NPR did a series of reports on the topic.

Here’s a link to an NPR’s information on human tissues.   program “The Anatomy of Human Tissue Profits.” and their four-part series on body donation:

Calculating the Value of Human Tissue

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And don’t miss the BBC documentary “How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?