2017 Summer News

Pets and People Issue (Click Here)

In this issue:

Pets and People – How Humans Act and React When a Pet Dies

Your Pet Died – I’m So Sorry

Compassionate Composting – Above Ground Burial

Saying Goodbye to Larger Pets: Horses in Particular

National News About Funeral Pricing

Who, What, Why, Where – Let’s go to the fair!

Is Death Really the Great Divide?

K-9 Heroes – Keeping Us Safe

Planning for the Unexpected – Lifetime Care Planning for Pets

Bonus Articles:

is Death Really the Great Divide?

The Story Behind the Success of Compassionate Composting

What Should I Do with My Pet’s Remains?

Online Resources for parents explaining Pet Death to Children

War Dogs – The Birth of the K-9 Corps

A Celebration of K9s: Past & Present

ANGUS Just a Dog?

When Our Dog, Roscoe, Died

The Life of a Police Dog (Coming Soon!)