Complying with the Funeral Rule

The Federal Trade Commission requires all funeral service providers to fully disclose information to consumers on a General Price List.  This includes burials, cremations,

Prior to discussion disposition options with anyone, ask for their General Price List and whether it complies with the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule.

The Funeral Rule requires that a general price list be provided to anyone who asks for it (excerpt 02/23/2016):

“You must give the General Price List to anyone who asks, in person, about funeral goods, funeral services, or the prices of such goods or services. You must give the GPL to such individuals to keepThe request for information does not have to come from a consumer or someone who wants to make funeral arrangements now or in the future.

You must give a GPL to all persons who inquire about funeral arrangements. This may include competitors, journalists, and representatives of businesses, religious societies, government agencies, or consumer groups.

Note: If someone asks you about the goods and services that you sell, you must give that person a General Price List. If you are uncertain whether the Rule applies in a particular situation, it would be sensible to provide the list.”

Read the FTC Funeral Rule ahead of time as part of your planning.