After-Death in Maine

Did You Know?

  • Here in Maine, you have a right to designate an agent in writing to have custody and control of your body to follow your wishes.  Learn more in Title 22, §2843-A of the Maine Statutes.
  • Embalming and fancy caskets are NOT required for cremation and burial.  You can avoid unnecessary procedures and expenses by planning ahead.
  • The average cost of a traditional funeral in the U.S. is now over $7,500 (that’s before you even get to the cemetery). Informed consumers can usually purchase simpler services for a fraction of the cost.
  • Most individuals never share their funeral or burial wishes with their family members.  FCA Maine offers education on advance directives and how to communicate your wishes.

ALERT: Your safety deposit box is a poor place to store your funeral instructions.

  • When a body is not displayed, memorial services can be held almost anywhere.  FCA Maine offers education on various options, including use of community halls, churches, synagogues, and parks.
  • You can have a home funeral without the involvement of a funeral home.  FCA Maine offers education about traditional and alternatives such as natural or green (conservation) burials.