Body Burial Options

Funeral Home Services

You can find a directory of funeral homes in your area at I’m Sorry to HearParting, or other internet or yellow pages search.  Families may already be familiar with a local funeral home because of family history.

We suggest that you “shop around” since prices may vary widely.  Some funeral services’ websites will have a General Price List (GPL) posted on their site so you can compare, and others may ask you to come in person to obtain their GPL.

A funeral package generally will not include cemetery costs or some other fees, so be sure to ask.  You can spend less by carefully choosing services and options.  It is worth your while to read Shopping for Funeral Services before talking with a funeral director.

Home Funeral

In Maine, next of kin or a person with signed authority becomes the “authorized person” responsible for disposition of the body.  Read Making Arrangements by Authorized Persons for more information.

An authorized person may keep the body at home, build the coffin, do all the paperwork, transport the body to the cemetery, and hold their own memorial service.  Visit Last Things website for a home funeral guide.

If using other than a family cemetery, be aware that there may be costs involved in obtaining a plot, and for opening and closing the site.

Family Cemetery

People can be buried on private property in Maine if you designate a portion of your property as a family burying ground.  Check with your local municipality, then follow the simple rules in Maine State Law.  A home funeral and burial on your own property may cost very little or nothing at all.

Green Cemetery, Natural Burying Ground, or Conservation Burial Ground

Maine has green cemeteries which provide space to bury a body in a natural environment.  The body cannot be embalmed and the shroud or container must be biodegradable.

Cedar Brook Burial Ground

Rainbow’s End, South Orrington, Maine (Joan Howard, 825-3843)

Burr Cemetery

See this excellent resource from the producers of A Will for the Woods for a summary about green cemeteries and natural burials.  Burial in a green cemetery is less expensive because vaults/grave liners are not permitted.

Burial at Sea

If you are interested in arranging a sea burial, contact:

Diver Ed’s Dive-in Theater, Bar Harbor

        New England Burials at Sea